Tŷ Morlo thumbnail

Tŷ Morlo

The Tŷ Morlo website showcases a luxury self-catering cottage in the centre of St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

Within four weeks from publication, the owners were delighted to have plenty of bookings.

Italian Network thumbnail

ITI Italian Network

This bilingual website uses a bespoke CMS consisting of a public website with a search facility for finding a translator or interpreter, an area where members can update their own personal details and upload images, and an online database for managing membership and subscriptions.

The ITI Medical & Pharmaceutical Network thumbnail

ITI Medical Network

This website works in the same way as the ITI Italian network, but has a different design, in addition, it has a photo gallery, and a facility for uploading pdf, Word and PowerPoint files. The online directory of members is downloaded from the website into a pdf document once a year.

Brecon and District Mind thumbnail

Brecon and District Mind

This community website presents a large amount of information, and can be updated using a custom-built CMS. It includes a bespoke online calendar which volunteers find easy to use, so it is updated and printed out each week.

M & R Coatings thumbnail

M & R Coatings

M & R Coatings is a business specialising in industrial coatings and cladding repairs throughout the UK. A slideshow on the home page showcases a large number of their projects. Getting the text right (using keywords provided by the client) has given them consistently good search engine rankings (SEO).

Catherine Pankhurst Jewellery thumbnail

Catherine Pankhurst Jewellery

This website provides an online catalogue of Catherine's work where you can view and purchase items from her using Paypal. The built-in CMS allows her to keep it up to date, adding, editing and deleting the text and images.

Fayre Ryde Kitchen thumbnail

Fayre Ryde Kitchen

Fayre Ryde Kitchen offers home-cooked meals delivered to holiday homes on the Isle of Wight. Lotuspool provided photos and copy to help get the business online.

Ryde Mediation Services thumbnail

Ryde Mediation Services

This is a simple website to promote a professional service. The mediation agreement template can be printed from the web.

Natural Way Tai Chi thumbnail

Natural Way T'ai Chi

This T'ai Chi school's website uses a bespoke CMS which allows the T'ai Chi teachers to keep it up to date.